A short Biography

My name is Syed Mahmood Hussain. I was born in the northeast of India in the district of Allahabad. My parents moved to Pakistan in 1947 when India was divided into two parts on 14 August 1947. I have had three brothers and one sister. My sister lives and in Pakistan. My oldest and second oldest brothers do not live anymore. My youngest brother lives in the United States.

I have studied in Pakistan and graduated as an architect. In 1968 I travelled to Dubai, where I worked as an architect. In 1970 I came to Denmark as a tourist and never travelled back finally. In 1971 I got married in Pakistan and took my wife with me to Denmark. Since then we got to children one girl and one boy and became a core family of four (Danish standard).

During the first three years I had several small jobs where I learned the Danish language according to nature's own principles "working with the people". In 1973, I finally got a job as a technical designer in MikroVærk A/S, which manufactured chocolate machines and plants for large-scale production of chocolate.

In 1978 I started with Storno, they manufactured mobile communication systems. Storno was subsequently sold to foreign companies. First to GE and then to Motorola. Motorola is still producer of mobile telephones. While I was employed in Motorola, I studied Technologist with EDB as a specialty. I stopped at Motorola in 1993 after 15 years of work, as they had moved many of their original activities to Ireland and Germany.

The technologist's education gave me a great taste for computer science. From 1980 to 1998 I participated in a variety of computer courses, but I never thought I should be an IT teacher.

I bought my first computer in 1980. It was PC's childhood. I can clearly remember that I gave kr. 13,000 for an “8088” computer without monitor. Mice did not exist at that time and the screen (black and white) I purchased separately for kr. 3,000. Hard disk was not available, but only the big floppy disks were used.

After I stopped at Motorola and worked in a relatively small company as a marketing consultant until 1995. That company worked exclusively for Motorola and therefore did not have a long life.

I immediately started my own computer company in 1995 but due to very hard competition in the computer industry, I was unfortunately forced to close it. I lost a lot of money and was ready to jump into new challenges. They quickly arrived. I got a call from Niels Brock Business School with the offer of teaching IT. So, I did, until the turn of the millennium. After that I taught at Denmark's largest Technical Business Centre, TEC. until 2004.

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